Find your Silent Balance

Symbols are used to offer insight into the magical language of the Universe.

In many ways, symbols act as a bridge between the physical world and the spiritual world.

They can be used to convey messages that are specific to you, and which may be difficult to understand at first.

We can use symbols to connect with our own inner world.

silent balance

Know yourself

When you explore the symbolic power in literature, you can find that a symbol is an element with multiple meanings. A symbol can represent a meaning which is just for you.

Let’s find your favorite symbols and connecting with them!

balance yourself

Balance yourself

Achieving and maintaining balance in your soul is important for stability and harmony in many different areas of life.

silent your soul

Silent your soul

In some spiritual traditions, the soul is seen as being separate from the body and the mind, and is thought to be the source of one’s true identity and consciousness.

have fun

Have fun

You just simply have fun. All the time.

power of symbolism

Explore the symbolic power of things

When you explore the symbolism in literature, it can help you understand the messages being conveyed on a deeper level. The symbolic meanings are important to connect with as an individual and as a part of society. They can teach us about our history, culture, and ourselves.

Learning figurative language

Figurative language can be a powerful tool, and it’s important for people to understand its importance.

To start, my readers should realize that symbols are everywhere—they can be used to tell drivers to stop – remember the red octagon.

In literature, symbols follow the same rule: they take a literal person, place, or thing and represent something beyond the literal meaning.

By understanding our civilization’s symbolism, readers can develop a deeper appreciation for nature and for different kinds of nations.

figurative language
learn symbolism

Learn by example

To help my readers understand symbolism, I start by introducing the idea of an everyday object – like a tree. Every type of tree have a story with a hidden meaning, and I will explain how authors use symbols to communicate ideas.

When I teach symbolism, it is important to connect the idea to real-life examples so that my readers can understand its significance.

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